What is the composition of the vacuum coating machine? Vacuum coating machine is a kind of equipment that the product is currently used for coating under vacuum conditions. A complete vacuum coating machine is composed of a multi-part system, each system can complete different functions, so as to achieve the final high-quality coating The composition includes a vacuum chamber, a mechanical pump, a vacuum test system, an oil diffusion pump, a vacuum pumping system, a condensate pump, a film formation control system, and the like.

The main body of the vacuum coating machine is a vacuum chamber. The size of the vacuum chamber is determined by the processed products. Its size can be customized. The chamber is generally made of stainless steel, and it is required to be strong and durable without rust. The vacuum chamber has many connection valves for connecting various auxiliary pumps.

The vacuum pumping system is composed of a mechanical pump, a diffusion pump and a Roots pump. The vacuum pumping system is an important part of the vacuum system of the coating machine. The degree of vacuum directly affects the coating effect of the product. The vacuum is obtained from the vacuum test system.

The film formation control system can adopt different methods, such as fixed plating time, visual inspection, extreme monitoring, and crystal oscillation monitoring. Coating methods are also divided into a variety of processes, commonly used ion evaporation coating and magnetron sputtering coating. The magnetron sputtering method has strong adhesion and high purity of the film layer. It can be used to sputter a variety of materials with different compositions. The ion evaporation coating can improve the film's compactness, bonding strength and uniformity.

Vacuum coating machine coating principle is generally based on the actual product process needs customization, the cost is basically in the hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, the use of manual operation of the machine and equipment is relatively cheap, generally in the million or so, high technical content can be fully automated The cost of machinery and equipment is several times higher, and domestic well-known enterprises can realize fully automated equipment and equipment costs that are several times higher. Well-known domestic enterprises can achieve semi-automated operations, and a few strong technologies can achieve full automation.

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What is the composition of the vacuum coating machine?

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