Detailed vacuum coating equipment regulator! The regulator is a necessary part to ensure that the precision electronic components of the equipment are not damaged by the current. It is no more normal that the voltage of the urban power supply is fluctuating. The regulator solves the voltage and current transients in the operation of the vacuum coating equipment. The impact of overload on the components greatly improves the system reliability.

Regulators should have certain properties: safety, power saving, smooth, fast, and wide range.

Safety: Overload protection, module design, automatic bypass.

Power saving: low power consumption design, ultra-low idle power consumption.

Smooth: Does not fluctuate and maintains an uninterrupted and smooth current output.

Fast: Voltage detection must be sensitive and has a fast response time.

Wide range: The scope of the support voltage fluctuation is extensive, and the load range must be wide.

Unstable voltages can cause fatal damage to the device. Regulators are indispensable for vacuum coating equipment.

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Detailed vacuum coating equipment regulator

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